Liedtexte Gyllene Tider

Run Run Run

Word and Music by Per Gessle
Published by Music for Money/Inhouse Music
Go! Go! - She wants you every time that you pass her by
Go! Go! - And wishing you could stay with her by her side
Go! Go! - You got a piece of her heart, now, you shouldn't refuse
Go! Go! - You came out to win, now you're bound to lose
She's gonna run run run
'cos here you go and break her heart
She's gonna run run run
before you start to tear it apart

Go! Go! - Fire in your eyes, a new love is burning
Go! Go! - But she's not gonna be there when it comes to returning
Go! Go! - She's dreaming alone in this lonely world
Go! Go! - You give all you got to another girl

She's gonna run run run...