Liedtexte Marie Fredriksson

Do you wanna go with me?

Word and Music by Marie Fredriksson
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Länge: 4:56
Do you wanna go with me (not complete)
I want back to life
In this crazy world
I just wanna slow down
In this new world

And I feel as your mine
Oh when my heart is through
I wanna see you care more
I wanna feel the sky
I wanna reach your thoughts
Just with a simple smile
I feel feelings of yours
Oh when your heart is through

Do you wanna go with me
Hold on to me
Just wanna have a good time
Hold on to life

Just a little touch
Of the good life
Of the crazy life
Of my desperate mind
I feel good for a while
Oh when your heart is mine

I live my life as a machine
To go out of town

I have seen
Human scream
If you know what I mean