Liedtexte Mikael Bolyos

You're on my mind

Musik by Mikael Bolyos
Words by Mats Ronander
Published by MBM
Länge: 3:28
I need someone to comfort me
I need something strong
in a world full of pain and sorrow
it's hard to get along
but you taught me how to fight it
right here on the floor
you sexy little Mama
you sure know how to ball
though I'm leavin New York City
for some California wine - you're on my mind.

Couldn't believe just what I saw
when you walked right through my door
you made me feel so good inside
I can't sing the blues no more
making love to strangers
sure can be unwise
but you can't keep a good man down
when I shoot the dice
yeah, it takes one to know one
when you're runnin' out of time - you're on my mind.

Goodbye little Miss "T and A"
I'll see you down the road
I'm checking out from memory lane
the man's just gotta go.
Though it's hard to leave good lovin'
I got a "good pay gig" down south
the car is stashed with funny stuff
that can surely shut my mouth
well, I'm leavin bright light city
hope to see you down the line - you're on my mind.
Yes, I'm leavin' New York City
for some California wine - you're on my mind.
And if your memory serves you right
I'll see you another time - you're on my mind.